Software Solution



Pointer offers software system engineering and development and specializes in the telecom industry. The company has the technological know-how and experience in providing software solutions and in outsourcing and consulting.

Ever since its founding in 1995, Pointer has successfully developed tough and complicated outsourcing software projects for various clients.
In particular, Pointer has developed a number of NMS and EMS systems (Network & Element Management Systems) and established itself as an expert company in the field of network management for telecom and datacom.

Our focus at Pointer is in the following areas:

  • Enterprise and Network Management Systems
  • Element Management Systems (EMS)
  • Development of simulators and emulators
  • Command & Control systems for the military (C4I)
  • Maintenance and Servicing (24/7) for military and civilian systems
  • Multi-Threaded and distributed applications
  • Real-Time systems
  • Networking, Connectivity and Communication protocols development
  • Applications for cellular phones (iOS, Android and Symbian)