Pointer is a dynamic and expanding company. The experience that was accumulated in the Telecommunications sector has allowed us to provide software services to companies such as Pelephone, Cellcom, Bezeq, ECI, NYNEX (merged with Verizon), Nextel (merged with Sprint), and more.

Ilan Aisic is an Israeli expert in this field, and has managed and worked in various telecom software projects in both Israel and internationally. Alongside Ilan, Pointer Software Systems boasts a group of experienced, professional, and knowledgeable software developers and engineers.


Experience with Communications Systems

  • NMS & EMS systems.
  • Taking ownership of legacy systems and maintaining them.
  • Communication-oriented projects in protocols such as SNMP and CORBA.
  • Development of command & control systems.
  • System engineering and consulting.
  • Development of distributed and complex software systems.


Monitor Network Performance

The development of an application that monitors network performance (PM). This application displays loads and communication rates using graphs and tables. It collects network performance data repeatedly, sums them up, and then displays them to the network personnel.

Manager of Manager System

The development of the parts in a MOM system (Manager of Manager) that belonged to NYNEX (merged with Bell Atlantic and now into Verizon).
This system has managed distributed systems that have managed other communication systems. It was included in the service of large corporations including British Telecom, Ford, Westminster Bank, and more.

Power Supply Systems

The development of a command & control system created for power supply systems, which are used by the Israeli electric company.
This system monitors devices, and transfers real-time critical information and data pertaining to the ventilators, heat from the generators, powers failures, etc.

EMS Systems

The development of several EMS systems (Element Management Systems) created for telecom companies around the world, which are used to control various devices such as cellular antennas, routers, switches, uninterrupted power supply systems, and control rooms.

NMS Systems

The development of NMS systems (Network Management Systems) created for long-distance telephone switches, which are used by many telephone companies worldwide. These systems monitor and control switching, routing, and service allocation for customers, they monitor many types of real-time errors and problems, and perform events and alarm processes.


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