Developing software for new startups and entrepreneurs requires Pointer to exhibit innovation and persistence. It is one of the qualities of Pointer that allows it to be a part of the entrepreneurship eco-system in the Jezreel Valley area and in Israel in general. We have developed an expertise in working with new companies and startups and we enable entrepreneurs to fulfill their business dream by providing professional help to understand the need and business requirements of the entrepreneur and translating them into software requirements for the product, executing the software development and meeting project deadlines. For every customer, we can build an a POC (Proof of Concept) and/or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or as part of the road to full product success!

We accompany the entrepreneurs from early stages to the end product A-Z. In addition, we can help startups that already have a core team of develop by developing parts of their solutions in parallel.
Since we have helped successful startups and other businesses in the various fields (health, aggrotech, tourism and more), we also contribute from our related business and professional experience.

For startups and entrepreneurs, Pointer has relevant experience in:

Our Projects

Recommendations for Entrepreneurs


We recommend the following events/locations/sites for (Hebrew speaking) entrepreneurs:

A technical blog/news site pertaining to the high-tech industry. One of the leading websites written in the Hebrew language. It covers a wide range of aspects within the high-tech and startup industries.

The Jezreel Valley Breakfast Club
A monthly meeting organized by Yaron Tal complete with lectures and great networking opportunities.

A Tel-Aviv University project that arranges meetings, lectures, and competitions for startups and entrepreneurs.

The portal for Israeli entrepreneurs. It includes a multitude of information specifically geared for startups.

A news site that concentrates on the Israeli Homeland Security market.  a special program for startups.


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