Critical Systems Development

You need your systems to work under Harsh conditions, at any time, to work continuously without any downtime

Smart and Light

Our Software code been validated for its Efficiency and it is used by leading defense companies such as Rafael and Elbit.

Simplify your Development

A team of experienced software developers and system engineers allows you a Rapid end efficient Design, Build, Deploy and Support processes for complex projects to take place


Throughout the years, Pointer Software Systems has been providing long-term solutions to Israel’s leading military & defense companies and services including the IDF, IAF, Navy, Rafael, Elbit, etc., while also working with leading military solution providers.
Pointer Software Systems' extensive experience within the industry allows rapid and efficient design-build-deploy-support processes for complex projects to take place, work is consistently executed transparently,
and is always delivered on-time

Mask group (6)

Decades of experience

Our code been tested in various demanding environments and platform demonstrated it’s efficiency

Group 5995

Command & Control

Seasoned telemetry developers withrespect to various sensors and broadcasting (VoIP, RoIP, AVIP) for tactical - land , Air and Sea applications

Group 5996


Computers: Tactical computing solutions suited to all applications and to all levels of fighting forces. Communications: Complete tactical communication softwa resolutions using VOIP , ROIP, AVIP with either static, mobile or ad-hoc deploy Intelligence: validated code to manage a range of sensors and systems for intelligence gathering as well as tools for processing and evaluation.

Group 5997


Developing software solutions over raster and vector data for air, land and sea and subsurface applications

RF Comm.

RF Communication equipment Network Management System
Enables device & communication testing, calibration, allocation, status reporting, and much more.

Naval Comm.

Naval Communication Network Radio Channel Control.
Utilizing wireless tablets deployed in multiple locations on the vessel.

Military VPN

Data/Voice/Video Encryption Network-Management-System
Faults, Permissions, Noise, VPN, etc

Navy C4i

Control & Management Systems for Unmanned Naval Vehicles Communication with the vehicle sensors Vehicle autonomous navigation systems

Land C4i

Tactical communication solutions deployed command posts and general headquarters. Developing software communications solutions encompass radio, IP and satellite equipment and systems

Air C4i

Developed several projects, From ground station for the F-35i with encrypted VoIP to Data, Radio and Video over IP


Pointer Software Systems is an approved vendor for the Ministry of Defense of Israel. We have a strictly restricted zone for classified work done in our offices